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3G Electronic Engg Services has a team of semicon experienced and well trained Engineers, who can troubleshoot beyond the expectations of management and our customers. Every new item that we get will undergo a long process of study, evaluation, test and even collect reverse engineering data's & drawings to repair, service, test and proce our capability. That's how our database filled with a long list of serviced and capability list.

Below are some basic, important, proudful and niche items to highlight..

Servicing of UHF accessories
Servicing of High Power RF accessories
Servicing of Lamp Drivers and High Voltage Power Supplies
(i) Servicing and testing of AMAT RTP Lamp Drivers with a specially designed tester for testing of all the I/O signals.
(ii) Repairing any kind of Power Supplies (high voltage, high current including magnetron and implanter power supplies)with full load test for stipulated hours.
Servicing of Single and Dual Arm Robots with Controllers
Servicing of Handlers, Indexers and Aligners
Servicing of NSK & Kollmorgen Motors and Drivers
Servicing of all kind of PCB's including IO boards, Controller and SBC boards upto 4 layers
Servicing of all kind of PCB's like IO cards, Control Cards, Pneumatic Interface Cards, PIFF Cards, Mother Board's of any kind upto 4 layers.
Servicing of Servo and Stepper Drives
Servicing of Tool Computers and Controllers
Servicing of Heat Exchangers and Chillers
Servicing of Temperature Controllers and End Point Detectors
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