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3G has a wide range of Metrology Tools available for sale from our Associates..
Pls call us or email us to find more..
Maker         Model         Item         Vintage       
HITACHI         S-9200         CD- SEM         2000       
HITACHI         S-9220         CD- SEM         2000       
KLA TENCOR         AIT-XUV         Wafer INSPECTION SYSTEM         2003       
KLA TENCOR         AIT-II         W/F INSPECTION                 
KLA TENCOR         AIT         W/F INSPECTION                 
KLA TENCOR         KLA-2138         W/F INSPECTION         1996       
KLA TENCOR         EAGLE II         W/F INSPECTION                 
KLA TENCOR         SFS-6220         PARTICLE COUNTER         1996       
SYSTEM(HIGH)         2002       
ACCRETECH         WinWin50-1500S         PATTENRNED WAFER INSPECTION         2002       
KLA TENCOR         FT-750         FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT         1996       
FAB SOLUTIONS         EBS3000         E-BEAM INSP.         2003       
HITACHI         S-5000         SEM         1996       
MIRERO         WaBISH200T         WABIS         2007       
NANOMETRICS         M8000XSE         FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT                 
NANOMETRICS         ATLAS         FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT         2006       
KLA TENCOR         UV-1050         FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT                 
THERMA WAVE         OP-2600         FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT                 
NANO         METRA-7000         OVERLAY         -       
NANO         METRA-7200         OVERAY                 
ACCENT         Caliper Elan Ultra         OVERLAY         -       
RIGAKU         SYS3630         WD-XRF         1993       
KLA TENCOR         P-20H         ALPHA-STEP                 
RUDOLPH         MP-200         FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT SYSTEM                 
LEICA         INS2000         REVIEW STATION